Digital background and templates enhance photos

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Using digital background, backdrops, and Photoshop templates helps you create professional-quality materials for a wide array of projects.

Digital Background, Digital Backdrop, and Photoshop Template:

What’s the Difference?


  • You don’t have to be a graphic designer or digital media specialist to know that enhancing your photos and images can fulfill a wide array of purposes. However, it does help to know the difference between photo enhancements so you can choose the best one for your project. Whether you’re creating invitations, personal greeting cards, or a business brochure, LegendaryPics features a wide array of products that can help you customize your imagery, but knowing which products are ideal for your project can help you select the right services.

Digital Background and Backdrop

  • Using digital background and backdrops is an extraordinary way to ramp up your photos for specific projects. You can insert parts of your photo into a completely different scene. For example, you can apply the image of a newly engaged couple to a remote beach. Scenic digital background can provide thematic inspiration for a photo project and transform a basic photo into an artful digital display. People use digital backgrounds and backdrops to transform photos of their kids, to create wedding or birthday invitations, or to create business flyers and other marketing materials etc.

Photoshop Template

  • If you’re not a graphic designer or have little experience working with digital software, it can be helpful to use a Photoshop template to design everything from invitations to holiday cards and more. The templates allow you to easily drop in your jpeg files and text to create a seamless work. The end result is a professional material that fulfills the needs of your project. The great thing about Photoshop templates is that they’re customizable. You can change the size of images, play with their colors, adjust lighting, and rearrange text boxes. By customizing your templates, you can create singular flyers, invites, and more.

High-End Photography at Affordable Pricing

  • Often, big businesses will spend hundreds or thousands on custom digital background and backdrops. LegendaryPics, on the other hand, features a wide array of affordable products that you can use to customize your own photos to suit a myriad of needs. By using backdrops and templates, you can transform your images to look professional without spending thousands. Whether you’re creating flyers for a bake sale or creating new marketing materials for your sales department, using digital background and templates helps you achieve a professional look for your materials.

The Benefits of Digitally Enhancing Your Photos

  • The digital realm gives people the opportunity to enhance their images in a multitude of ways and for a wide array of purposes. You’ll find digital background and templates that reflect many styles that can complement your project. Whereas traditional backdrops are expensive and ultimately stagnant, the digital platform is affordable and allows for a seemingly endless array of changes.


  • Another benefit of using digital background and templates is their customizable nature. You can change fonts, rearrange items, insert multiple images, and manipulate light and color in numerous ways. Perhaps best of all, there is no reduction of quality when it comes to the finish product. In fact, you can use your software to enhance the look of your images to achieve a professional look for your final work.


  • LendendaryPics specializes in digital backgrounds, backdrops, and Photoshop templates. You can use these tools to enhance your images and apply them to a myriad of projects. Whether you’re creating invitations or flyers, our products will help you create professional materials inspired by your own creativity and flair.



Digital Backgrounds, Digital Backdrops VS Traditional Stand Backgrounds for Photographers

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What are the advantages of offering digital backgrounds in place of traditional backgrounds?

From Photoshop templates to incredible digital backgrounds.

Digital Backgrounds, Digital Backdrops VS Traditional Stand Backgrounds for Photographers


Providing your customers and clients with every type of product they need is important. These individuals come to you for the perfect photo shoot. They expect you to be able to provide them with an exceptional, stand out product they can showcase to their friends, family, or even their customers for a business. Yet, many professional photographers don’t realize the true reach available to them when it comes to digital backgrounds. Are you using them? Should you still be using traditional backgrounds?


Traditional Has Value

There is no doubt that having just the right traditional stand background is going to be important to you as a photographer. There are going to be instances when that basic colored background is all you need and want to use. Traditional also carries a sense of nostalgia about it. And, of course, for some types of photo shoots, it is the best option overall. In fact, it is likely to still be the favored option by many customers.


The Value of Digital Backdrops

Now, take a look at why you need to provide your customers and clients with access to digital backgrounds and backdrops.

  • Digital provides variety. There is virtually no limit to the style or inspiration that these shoots can have if you incorporate unique digital backgrounds. With the help of a professional, some Photoshop templates, and a bit of inspiration, there’s no limit to the final product you can offer.
  • When it comes to price, digital backgrounds are actually more affordable to the photographer than the production of individual traditional backdrops. And, for the customer, the versatility and customization of these digital backgrounds can help to enhance pricing due to your need to spend a bit more time creating unique pieces.
  • Size and flexibility of the product is also beneficial. With digital products, you have the ability to provide your customers with more options. For example, your customer can easily resize an image to meet a very specific need. This is not always possible with traditional products. That type of flexibility is what helps you to keep customers coming back.
  • The quality is excellent, of course, with traditional backgrounds. However, there is no reduced quality in professionally created and managed digital backgrounds. You can even increase quality in some instances.
  • Change color, change format, change anything – with digital, you remain completely in control over the finished product. This really can help you to create an image that your customer appreciates and treasures.
  • Digital backgrounds also provide instant results. Today, this is one of the most valuable offers you can provide to your customers. You can allow your customers to take home a disc with them. An instant download is possible here. Traditional products can take much longer to produce and that may reduce some of the initial excitement of the photo shoot.


There is no doubt that digital works and traditional has its place. Most professional photographers need to offer both products with a growing need to provide digital products to customers. And, why not? They can enable you to provide your client with a better result, faster, and with the flexibility to alter just about anything they need without the hassle.




Photoshop templates for Photographers.

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What is Photoshop templates?

The idea is to create a brand new and unique look for your subject.

Photoshop templates can be use with a variety of different photographs. Simply by adding a few props you can convert standard looking images into something that will capture the imagination of your viewers.

Every single part of these Photoshop templates is adjustable. They can be moved around, re-sized and rotated to match the composition and fit into your design perspective. You can combine props from one Photoshop template and incorporate them into the other one to create an unusual effect. Quality, easy to use and easily adjustable files, with very high resolution that can be printed with confidence on 40″ x 60″ page size.

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